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Happy Halloween

Halloween coloring page
Halloween coloring

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Are you crazy about the Autumn Season?

Do you consider tailgating as much of an occasion as the game itself? Are there any oversized helmets, giant cheese wedges, or foam fingers in your wardrobe? Do you still get all choked up when they play the alma mater at college games (even if it isn't yours)?

Does hanging out in a parking lot all afternoon reading ESPN magazine sound like time well spent? If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, chances are you are a true Sports Nut. If you wear your team colors with great pride, you may be interested in these ideas for throwing one rockin' tailgate party:

•  Find a good parking space, preferably near the grass so you will have plenty of room. Tie a pennant or a handkerchief with your team colors on it to your car antenna or a tall pole to signal friends.

•  But, while you're preparing hamburgers and beer bratwursts for the whole gang, be careful with foods to prevent spoiling. To keep meats safe, keep them in a separate cooler from the one you are using for drinks. The cooler holding the beer tends to warm up faster due to all the opening and closing.

•  Be courteous and don't forget to bring trash bags for cleaning up afterwards!

•  Prepare for all sorts of weather during the fall football season. The wind can make things a bit chilly for tailgaters. Putting your vehicles in a circle can help shield against the wind. Another option is to try constructing a wind barrier with some tarp, a roll of duck tape and some creativity. Bring sunglasses and a sports umbrella just in case.

•  Now you are all set. So pop in your favorite CD, pull up a lounge chair and enjoy the day.

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