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The perfect Easter basket


Don't think of an Easter basket as the standard chocolate bunny, plastic creation populating the grocery shelves. Take a different approach this year and create a truly personalized gift the lucky recipient will cherish.

  • Choose an everyday basket in an Easter color and forgo the standard plastic.
  • Decide on the filling, every color in the rainbow is available! Consider substituting the traditional cellophane "grass" with paper straw or raffia-it's much kinder to the environment.
  • Take into consideration the receiver's personality and interests - add everyday items tailored to the interests. For example, an aspiring artist would be thrilled to find brushes or a collection of paints hiding amongst the Easter grass.
  • Add a dash of your own creativity and include home made items. Decorative paper mache eggs are easy to make and can be enjoyed year round. Personalize the eggs with the receiver's name and thoughtful message. Glue ¼" ribbon or lace around the egg to complete the Easter gem.
  • Remember the true meaning of Easter, include items such as a bible or cross pendant.
  • Add chocolates and sweets to satisfy the Easter sweet tooth!
  • Bring the whole basket together with a beautiful bow attached to the handle.

If the kids are eager to experiment with basket making, let them design one ideal for the frantic egg hunt. These kid-sized baskets are lightweight and allow imaginations to soar!

Bunny Bags

      Construction paper
      Cotton balls or white pom-poms
      Markers or paints

  • Allow children to use their imagination and create whimsical bunny faces on the front of the bag with markers or paints.
  • Add whiskers, eyes, and a cute nose. Consider using wiggle eyes and a tiny pink pom-pom for the nose.
  • Glue a cotton ball or white pom-pom on reverse side for a tail.
  • Cut a 12" strip of construction paper and fold lengthwise. Staple ends to sides of lunch bag to create a handle.
  • Cut bunny ears from pink construction paper, staple to sides of handle.

Soda Baskets

      Liter soda bottle
      Paints or permanent markers
      Hole punch
      Yarn or heavy string

  • Remove label, clean and dry bottle - With scissors, remove the top ¼ of bottle.
  • Punch a hole in the sides of the bottle near opening.
  • To create the handle, string 12" of yarn through side holes and secure with knots.
  • Let the imagination run wild and decorate with paints, markers or stickers!
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