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Easter egg hunt and more fun games


Egg Relay Race
Great for adults and children! The only things needed are spoons, eggs and at least 6 people.

  • Divide into teams of 3, standing approximately 15 feet apart
  • Give each team an egg and spoons.
  • Place the team egg on the spoon, race to your awaiting teammate and gently pass the egg.
  • If an egg is dropped, you must restart from your original starting point.
  • The first team to successfully transfer the egg to all teammates wins!

Nighttime Egg Hunt
A traditional egg hunt with a slight twist! Use flashlights and hunt in the dark.

Capture the Egg
A spin off from the old favorite - "Capture the Flag".

  • Divide into two teams and determine each teams territory.
  • Decide on the number of eggs each team will have to capture. A good starting point is 4 to 6 for each team.
  • Place the eggs in each team's territory and let the battle begin.
  • The object is to steal the other team's eggs and add them to your collection without being touched.
  • If tagged, you must freeze until one of your teammates can free you with a touch.

Egg Toss
This can become messy! Use raw eggs instead of hard-boiled!

  • Separate into pairs.
  • Distribute one egg per pair (either hard boiled or raw).
  • Have pairs face each other at a starting line and ready themselves for the toss.
  • After each successful toss, each team member takes a large step backwards.
  • If a couple doesn't successfully complete the toss and the egg is still intact, they return to the starting line.
  • When a couple's egg breaks-they are out and left with egg on their face!

Reverse Egg Hunt The kids will get a kick out of this!

  • Instead of adults hiding the eggs and kids searching, allow the kids to hide eggs and watch you hunt.
  • The kids will have a blast watching you act childish!

Math Egg Hunt

  • Place numbered pieces of paper ranging from 1 to 5 inside plastic eggs and hide.
  • After all the eggs are found, total the numbers and the highest wins a prize.
  • Add candy and other goodies to the eggs so everyone will have a prize.
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